Pompeo Batoni – Colonel the Hon. William Gordon, 1765

Pompeo Batoni – Colonel the Hon. William Gordon, 1765

It’s XVIII century fashion plus Scottish pride. Oh, yeah.

A Gordon,a Gordon, a Gordon BYDAND!

(Ps.Bydand = Scots for “Abide”, motto / warcry of Clan Gordon)

Artist Batoni, Pompeo (Italian painter and draftsman, 1708-1787)
Title Colonel the Hon. William Gordon of Fyvie
Alternative/previous titles Colonel the Hon. William Gordon; Colonel William Gordon; Gen. the Hon. John William Gordon.
Date 1766 (dated)
Material oil on canvas
Measurements 258.2 x 186.1 cm
Inscription front ll ‘POMPEJUS BATONI PINXIT/ ROMAE ANNO 1766’, front lr ‘Gen.l The Hon.ble John William Gordon’.
Description William Gordon (1736-1816) is depicted in Rome during his Grand Tour. Although he wears the uniform of the Queen’s Own Royal Highlanders, his tartan has been arranged to look like a stylised Roman toga.While typical of Batoni’s portraits in its general confidence and swagger, this image particularly captures the ideals of the grand tourist abroad. Gordon stands in front of the Colosseum and next to a statue depicting the personification of Rome. During his visit to Rome, James Boswell saw Batoni working on the portrait on 17 April 1765, writing, ‘Yesterday morning saw Batoni draw Gord. Drapery’.
Subject portrait (Gordon, Colonel the Hon. William); townscape; military and war; place (Rome)
Collection National Trust for Scotland (Fyvie Castle)

What a night!

Almost like being back in the city.

I WAS in Jönköping witch is at least fairly big.

Dancing every muscle in my body even more sore than they where from lifting girls in Lindy Hop.

Being offered a blowjob by a gay guy who liked that i was wearing a kilt.

Being befriended by skinsheads (SHARP skins = anti racist original skins) and punks.



Almost ending up in a fight with the smallest, scrawniest skinhead i have ever seen.

As oposed to his friends he had a problem with me wearing a kilt and if you step up to my face, wearing Dr Martens (like me) ands a shaved head i dont care if you are drunk OR scrawny.

I do however want to keep a sort of friendship with the SHARPs since like them (always did).

I met one of them again today in the silly little hamlet where i live.

The one with all the piercings and tattos…..who is bi sexual and took a peek under my kilt.

I was on my way to root canal at the dentist so by now i´m numb everywhere…almost.

Btw: A lot of dance steps used by skins while dancing to Ska music (SHARPs) is similar to that of Swing and Charleston (Ska, like Charleston is in 2 beat)