What a night!

Almost like being back in the city.

I WAS in Jönköping witch is at least fairly big.

Dancing every muscle in my body even more sore than they where from lifting girls in Lindy Hop.

Being offered a blowjob by a gay guy who liked that i was wearing a kilt.

Being befriended by skinsheads (SHARP skins = anti racist original skins) and punks.



Almost ending up in a fight with the smallest, scrawniest skinhead i have ever seen.

As oposed to his friends he had a problem with me wearing a kilt and if you step up to my face, wearing Dr Martens (like me) ands a shaved head i dont care if you are drunk OR scrawny.

I do however want to keep a sort of friendship with the SHARPs since like them (always did).

I met one of them again today in the silly little hamlet where i live.

The one with all the piercings and tattos…..who is bi sexual and took a peek under my kilt.

I was on my way to root canal at the dentist so by now i´m numb everywhere…almost.

Btw: A lot of dance steps used by skins while dancing to Ska music (SHARPs) is similar to that of Swing and Charleston (Ska, like Charleston is in 2 beat)