I remember when the Library was a place for reading books , and if you chose not to, you still had to shut the fuck up.
The worst offenders are the librarians .
Since my computer is broken i sit here in Skillingaryd library trying to read about archeology ,Socrates ,Ancient Levantine Iconography  but i might as well be reading at a pub.
No wonder people are such idjits!

Morning Talk With Anisette

As always i stayed up rather late (or until early to be more precise).

Life here is simply so boring that it pays off more to be awake at night (daytime tv is almost painful).

So when Anisette called at 10 am i was quite an irritated caffeinist.

However we had a long talk covering both Burundi (his native country), cultural differences even within a country (comparing Småland to Gothenburg and so on) and i managed to get some coffee into me.

Anyway, i´m mainly writing to try out this “quick post” function where you dont have to go beyond the “Home” to post.

I have sometimes wondered if short comments might be a “thing” rather than posting on the usual social media.

After all, a blog feels more “mine” than posting on Facebook or any similar place.

Back to my coffee….

Babels Torn Ligger I Småland


Dialekter borde förbjudas!
Dom som klagar på invandrare som är svåra att förstå borde höra hur vi själva låter.
Jag var just i affären och köpte Powerking, 4 för 20 Kr.

Picture: Tower of Babel by Brueghel. Open Source

Nu hör det till saken att jag är från Göteborg men bor i Småland.
Jag får nu höra, ståendes i en kassakö som växer, att det blir 19 Kr till för panten.
Jag börjar givetvis domdera.
Hur kan det stå 20 Kr om det betyder 39 ( i stort sett dubbla priset) och hur kan det vara 19 spänn i pant på 4 burkar (det får fan inte jag när jag pantar dom)?
Det visar sig att hon förutom mitt pantkvitto på 5Kr + 15Kr ville ha 4Kr (15+4=19).

“För mig betyder 19 kronor TILL” att 19Kr skall adderas till redan existerande summa.

Där gick 5 min till att 2 infödda Svenskar skulle lyckas förstå varandra.
Jag förstår fortfarande inte logiken i meningsuppbyggnaden (en Göteborgare hade sagt “4Kr till”,,,,givetvis) men jag skiter i det.

Jag hade samma problem med Engelska på Irland.
Bara att inse att verbal kommunikation är överskattat.

Summer Blot 2010

Some photos taken during midsummer blot / my birthday last year in the small community of Asa (yup, thats its name) in the province of Småland, Sweden.My primary Blot during the day.

The Prayer

A small bronze age grave mound (called a Tumulus) incorrectly often referred to as "The grave of Odin".

Blot by the mound.All things considered i bloted to the ancestors too despite it not being Alfa Blot.


Sleep, twits and tedium

My sleep has been unusually sporadic and strange even for me.

often sleeping a few worried hours at a time.

Boredom can really break a man.

I had a twit from the local loonie bin over for a visit.

Like everyone else in this province he speaks right over anything you might say.

Doesent seem like the peasantry here can alleviate the tedium with any real effeciency.