People on facebook are calling Norwiegian Freemasons Nazis!!!

Heeeeere we go! Now people on facebook are calling Norwiegian Freemasons Nazis!!!

I wonder how many of the victims that had Mason parents?

I wonder how the world would look if people shut their fucking mouth until they got an education?

Norway was occupied by Germany.
Kids have been killed!
Your stupid opinions and need to be seen arent worth much around here right now!


Published by the twit Leo Lyon Zagami


This is the text he posted with it: “For a 100% nazi haircut like Andres Bering Brevik go to COMBI Frisør Salong Official Barbershop of Den Norske Frimurerorden in Oslo”


Zagami  is one of these Facebook pretend guys. A self styled “prophet” of “Italian aristocracy” (papers please). These are some of his claims:” Leo Lyon Zagami is a controversial and enigmatic figure to enter into public view in some time. Leo being of Italian aristocratic blood entered into many secret societies such as the Illuminati and the legendary NWO(New World Order).”

So, exept for being bad at spelling he also belongs to two societies that doesent exist.

I ,on the other hand, am initiated into eight that DOES exist.

The Bavarian Illuminati (the real thing, not the silly conspiracy childishness)