Tartan in sub cultures


The designs are current but a reflection on the past ‘skinhead’ subculture stlye which give it a retro look. The trousers are made from tartan.

Black Tartan Clan. Celtic Punk

Fred Perry MaacQueen Tartan Shirt.

This shirt would actually fit Skinheads,Punks or Rockabillies equally well.

Punk RED Tartan/Plaid...Punk RED Tartan/Plaid…

eBay: Find Punk RED Tartan/Plaid cigarette PANTS THERMAL LEGGING…

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Punk Tartan/Plaid...

I have been known to wear something similar, though mine had a black and white tartan and was originally equipped with a “kilt”.

I always used to wear a pairl like these, though black and white tartan.

Skinhead Moon Stompers

Ska music.

Favored by many skinheads,mods, suedeheads and so on (originally the skinhead movement consisted of mainly English and Jamaican working class youth and the music preferred in above mentioned groups was often Ska or other “black” music, incuding Soul, Rocksteady and Reaggea).

The most usual dance style connected to Ska is called “Skanking”.