Are you oppressed enough to deserve an opinion?

I recently got told on the web that white people shouldnt complain when their history or culture gets misused or misrepresented because they arent oppressed enough. (????)

The mere fact that the person interprets “Swedish” and “Heathen” as “white” (is that an ethnicity?) kind of proves my point for me.

Swedish traditional folksong – När som jag var på mitt adertonde år

Another swedish traditional folksong; “När som jag var på mitt adertonde år” (As I was on my eighteenth year)

När som jag var på mitt adertonde år, det var en vacker gosse som föll uti min håg. Den tänkte jag förevigt att få äga. Men denna min tanke rätt snarelig försvann, det var en annan flicka som lades i hans famn. Den liknar han vid rosende blomma. Nog än jag hållit fader och moder så kär, samt syskon och vänner, som älskat mig här, så går dock denna kärlek över alla. Tack för att du varit min endaste tröst och tack för alla stunder jag vilat vid ditt bröst. I himmlen skall vi åter bli förenta.

When I was on my eighteenth year, there were a beautiful boy that I liked* Him I wanted to own forever. But this my thought was soon to disapear. There was anouther girl who was put into his arms. Her he likens to a rosy flower. Though I have treasured my father and mother dearly, aswell as siblings and friends who have loved me here, this love surpasses them all. Thank you for being my sole consolation and thank you for all the times I’ve rested on your chest. In heaven shall we be united again.

(Some) Asatru U.S style

I cant help it, sometimes when i see Amercan Heathens i feel like i´m watching some bad Viking LARP.

That goes for all the talk of “Folk” and all the “hails” too.

I dont know any Swedish people that greet eachother with “Hail” or “Hielsa” (witch just sounds like misunderstood Swedish).

As a general rule you can hardly distinguish between Swedish Christians,Heathens and the secular majority (not to mention those that are kind of a mix of these…..witch in a sense is our entire culture).

I should make clear that:

1: I do NOT intend to insult anyone here, Heathen,Christian or other.

2: Neither will i deliberatly call all “Folkish” Heathens racists or all “Universalist” Heathens airhead neo pagans (Besides, we actually ARE neo pagans per defenition, EVEN if we are reconstructionists or grew up in a culture saturated with the folklore and extentions of cult and myth as i am).

3: And i do not think the fact that American Heathenry differs from Swedish (generalizing my ass off here) is in anyway “bad” or “wrong”. On the contrary i think its good. The custom SHOULD be adaptable to individuals, circumstances, places and communities. It always was. Even within what is today the nation of Sweden, Heathen cult and customs differed depending on when and where.

You organize in kindreds, we dont,Some of you use terms like “Thorsman”, i have never heard a Swede, even one focusing on Thor calling himself that or having an “patron God” attitude towards it (individuals and even whole areas in Scandinavia sometimes focus on certain mights as etymology shows, but it seems very de emphasized in actual cult, even today in most cases).

Eplagarðr Kindred. Some Heathens dress in Norse garb at special occations, others dont (and sometimes its a matter of practicality rather than choice)

Non of this is what i´m talking about.

Its simply that when i watch an Asatru Kindred video where “the dangers of a monoculture” is discussed where one guy leads the meeting while another guy sits on a chair, doing his best “viking chieftain” with a girl with a logo T – shirt on each side of him, a model longship on a shelf above him and two drinking horns on a table……

… feels weird and a bit cult (in the modern use of the word, incorrect as it is) ,LARP ,survivalist…..”i wish i was part of something cool and had a special heritage”….alien, silly.

It also gives me a feeling of self indoctrination by pastor, evangelical style.

I have nothing against boat models or drinking horns and definetely not girls…..especially several of them and in combination with drinking horns (horny?), i guess i just wish fate (not faith), and a trust that our culture(s) are biological enteties that takes care of themself  quite well with much less attitude, roleplay, pretend uniqueness and heritage would more of a base.

Mock history,science or hertage is a much bigger threat to culture than another culture ever was.

Swedish Heathens performing Disa Blot at a boulder.

Dont believe me? Ask a viking. They loved to mix their culture with others.

Carin Svensson – Erlandsson. Linedance Choreographer

Small worldCount: 32
Wall: 4
Level: Improver
Choreographer: Micaela (Svensson) Erlandsson, LD Crazy Mike
April 2011
Music: It’s such a small world by Rodney Crowell duet with Rosanne Cash — CD Album Diamonds & Dirt
Intro 16 counts

As oppose to me, my sister is a linedancer and choreographer of linedances.
I DO actually have some use of it since they use a lot of Jazz steps that we (Swing Dancers) use, and often by the same names.
Otherwise we are on opposite sides of the dancing world.  😉
The guy she dances with is her husband, DJ and choreographer Mike Erlandsson.


24 Count 2 Walls Beginner

Choreographed by: Micaela Svensson Erlandsson (SE)

Choreographed to: 4 Minus 3 Equals Zero on Always Never the Same by George Strait 91 BPM

Intro: 24 Style: Country

Section 1     Basic Waltz step right, Basic Waltz step left 1-3 Take a long step to the right with your right foot, Drag left beside right, Step right in place. 4-6 Take a long step to the left with your left foot, Drag right beside left, Step left in place. Section 2     Basic Waltz step forward (R) Basic Waltz step back(L) 1-3 Step forward on right, Step left beside right, Step right in place (weight on right) 4-6 Step back on left, Step right beside left, Step left in place (weight on left) Section 3     Cross, Turn ¼ right, Turn ¼ right, Left Twinkle step 1-3 Cross right over left, Turn ¼ right putting left foot back, Turn ¼ right putting right foot to right side. 4-6 Cross left over right, Rock right to right, Recover onto left. Section 4    Right Twinkle Step , Step forward on left, Kick Right forward, Hold.1-3 Cross right over left, Rock left to left, Recover onto right. 4-6 Step left forward, Kick right foot forward hitching your knee up, Hold   Start over 🙂

HabibiArabic Linedance, 28 counts, 4 walls, improver level.
In memory of Fajez ChebebThis is actually my sister Micaela Svensson Erlandsson

She is a rather known linedance choreographer that decided to chorograph a dance with an Arabaic motif, inspired by bellydancing (+ a little salsa and swing).

The dance became very popular in Asia, Canada and….well check out you tube.

She has since done dances inspired by Jewish, Russian and Finnish folkdancing in a way doable in linedancing.

PS: “Habibi” means “darling” or “beloved” in Arabic.

Salsa Cuba

Salsa Linedance,32 count, 2 wall, improver level, no tags.
32 count, 2 wall, intermediate/advanced level, danced with 2 tags
Choreographer Micaela Svensson
She had hardly written the dance (i was in the room) when this popped up on YouTube from Malaysia.
A group called PSLDA. They added theyre own little touch, the beautiful “Ballroom / Latino” arm movements for instance (one SHOULD make a dance ones oewn in my opinion. It IS after all an artform).