Are you oppressed enough to deserve an opinion?

I recently got told on the web that white people shouldnt complain when their history or culture gets misused or misrepresented because they arent oppressed enough. (????)

The mere fact that the person interprets “Swedish” and “Heathen” as “white” (is that an ethnicity?) kind of proves my point for me.

In some ways Urglaawe almost feels more familiar to me than most Asatru

Pennsylvania Germans

In some ways Urglaawe almost feels more familiar to me than a lot of other heathenry.

It is “theirs”.

So clearly Pennsylvanian German with a folkreligious/ethnic, contemporary feel to it that feels more like Swedish Forn Sed than most “Asatru” do.

It has this feeling (on surface at least) of context that i feel in (Swedish) Forn Sed.

Not something dug up from the Viking Age but part of living culture and regional folklore, reconstruction only being part of it.

(Note: Urglaawe and Forn Sed are distinct religions)

Memento Vivere (Vampire Web Comic)

Fanny Niklasson Wihlborg is 25 years old and currently resides in Linkoping, Sweden, where she studies to become a psychologist and thusly be better equipped to mess with people’s heads. She has no official education in art or graphics but is self-taught.

I decided create Memento V simply to see if I could. I’ve had the urge to do a comic of some sort for many years, and now I feel I have enough stored ideas to write something worth reading.

The main inspiration comes from White Wolf’s line of games and literature surrounding their World of Darkness, but also from a range of other sources, and all of it is mixed together with my own thoughts and concepts, so this is not some “pure breed” of any kind, and therefore anyone familiar with the WoD can’t get bent out of shape because some things don’t work exactly as they do according to White Wolf. This is all according to me, and so, all bets are off.

Divine i Skillingaryd


Divine at Stockholm Water Prize 2007


They actually visited Skillingaryd, the little burg in wich i live.

Best evening here so far (and they hug a lot 😉   ).

I was there dressed in kilt and all.

A magical evening with some real impressions.

Otherwise impressions are rare here exept for the smell of cow dung.

Grammar on the news??? Handicapped accused of canibalism.

On the (Swedish) news  today the reporter thought he said: “Handicapped people who need assistance while eating”

What he REALLY said: “Handicapped people who needs help eating their assistants”

(“Som behöver hjälp att äta av sina assistenter”)

The consequences of todays attitude towards grammar.

This was not even the first example of faulty grammar resulting in an entirely different meaning in the news today.

In short, we are not listening to the news or communicating anymore.

We are deciphering…..guessing.

My Altar

6: 30 pm

Getting my new altar now. A big tree cub sawed by chainsaw. Seems fitting doesent it? Perhaps i can perform tonights blot on it.

7:30 pm

A friend is doing chainsaw art and i´m comissioning wooden idols from her now.

I´m making a Hof!


I have dedicated my altar. Smearing it with beer. Passing the goblet nine times around it. It is now my Ve, to be used in no other fashion.