Lindy Hop and “the feel”

CAN you really get the right “feel” while dancing the Lindy Hop if you always dance to non swing music (that works with the steps, like Boogie and 50´s Rock, but still)?

For some reason my instructor insists on playing music i dont even associate with the right era or attitude (Lindy was “gone” around 1945 before being resurected in the 80´s.).

He also teaches Ballroom and should be aware of the importance of character in a dance.

I LOVE Rockabilly and the 50´s but see it as another thing, an extension to Lindy.

The steps might have similarities in different Swing Dances and music might have similar syncopations or blue notes but THEY ARE different.

I should make him dance a Charleston to Ragtime to prove a point or Viennese Waltz to Scottish Jigg.

I have danced Lindy to Punk and it works (Jig Kicks) but Jazz will always go with Charleston and Swing with Lindy to me. Benny Goodman makes me think Lindy, Elvis Presley makes me think Boogie Woogie (the dance) and i´m pretty sure most would agree with me.

It MUST affect the dance to play a music unassociated to it.

What a night!

Almost like being back in the city.

I WAS in Jönköping witch is at least fairly big.

Dancing every muscle in my body even more sore than they where from lifting girls in Lindy Hop.

Being offered a blowjob by a gay guy who liked that i was wearing a kilt.

Being befriended by skinsheads (SHARP skins = anti racist original skins) and punks.



Almost ending up in a fight with the smallest, scrawniest skinhead i have ever seen.

As oposed to his friends he had a problem with me wearing a kilt and if you step up to my face, wearing Dr Martens (like me) ands a shaved head i dont care if you are drunk OR scrawny.

I do however want to keep a sort of friendship with the SHARPs since like them (always did).

I met one of them again today in the silly little hamlet where i live.

The one with all the piercings and tattos…..who is bi sexual and took a peek under my kilt.

I was on my way to root canal at the dentist so by now i´m numb everywhere…almost.

Btw: A lot of dance steps used by skins while dancing to Ska music (SHARPs) is similar to that of Swing and Charleston (Ska, like Charleston is in 2 beat)


Two days of this, the second one hungover took its toll. And here we go again.

I like the feeling of being in secong gear that i have missed for some time.

Guess how your arms and legs feels after hours of this after an untrained winter?

“It dont mean a thing if it aint got that swing” holds true in Lindy. Without that “oumph”

or attitude it becomes more like Swedish Bugg or Leroc

(witch is fine…but other dances with characters of their own)

Above couple shows swing / Charleston attitude. I sometimes wonder if instructors shouldnt start with letting the pupils snap their fingers and walk around with an attitude instead of beginning with basic steps.

Imagine Paso Doble or Tango without any character. The same is true for Lindy.

Without it, dancing is just walking funny to music.