Jönköping – Djursjukhuset Jönköping

Jönköping – Djursjukhuset Jönköping.

Animal Hospial (Emergency) Jönköping

Them: Go to Gothenburg.
Me: Thats half across the country. I dont havea car.
Her: Thats not our problem.

This is the exact conversation.

No additions.

I can understand that not all can be experts on tortoises and blah,blah,blah….

But a bit of empathy cant be required for this job.

And appearantly it takes a lot of different educations to wash a wound or just generally look over an animal if it is a tortoise.

Let´s hope vets dont take a Hippocratic oath.

#Tortoise I need help NOW!!!

I have called two major animal hospitals, two gamkeepers and talked to a vet. So far nobody has ever heard of turtles.

Meanwhile, my pet is crawling around since 5-6 days with his guts hanging out of his body.

I think it is a bowel or penis pro lapse and i dont know what to do.

It is to swollen to re insert.

No sleep all night. Damn it!

One of those restless, overenergized nights when you toss and turn.

I did a blot to the Gods and Ancestors in witch i incorporated a friend.

He seemed to “come through” strong as a medium would have put it.

It was all very vivid.

Ha,ha, my tortoise is eating lint from my sock!