The rape insurance affair

As always in pc Sweden ,AlexandraPascalidou , Swedish journalist (with Greek heritage so i guess that only makes her partly a prostitute???) seems to think we should be more “mature” about the whole “rape / Swedish women are asking for it” thing.

She says it was “only one paper in Chania” that spreads the idiotic “rape insurance” rumours.

Reality: If some little rag like “Ystads Allehanda” in Sweden wrote something similar about Greek women they would be nigh but hanged.

Also, it is not just some Greek guy expressing his opinions, it was an embassy official.

To call a whole ethnic group whores is not part of a debate and i will not respond to it as such.

Vassilios Bakalis is not a man!

Ps: This is NOT an attack on normal, intelligent Greeks!

Swedish “Anna” notified that she had been raped in Greece but are now being prosecuted herself for defamation.

It´s funny that a devlopement country like #Greece , that pretty much lives from tourism, thinks that #Swedish #women needs to go there and sign a “rape insurance”, to cash in by accusing ther hairy back men. Their 3 world country where most people earn less than i spend on hamburgers?

A country that only recently started to allow people to be of any religion they damn well choose and that pretend to be the ancient Greece for no other reason than that the statues are still standing there.

Todays Greece has no more to do with classical Greece than todays Egypt has to do with the Pharaos.

Yes….you CAN find history in Greece, 19th century history, Victorian morals and as many veiled women as in Iran.

Oh! Btw. BEFORE you Greeks had religous freedom, i was at the Parthenon and the temples of Zeus and Poseidon and i poured libations at all of them. Sue me!

Here on the island of Samos in Greece was raped “Anna”. Photo: Cornelia Nordstrom

Greek Embassy: You should be ashamed of Swedish women

Swedish “Anna”  notified that she had been raped in Greece but are now being prosecuted himself for defamation. One viewer wrote a critical letter to the Greek embassy in Stockholm after TV4’s disclosure but was told that he should be ashamed of how Swedish women behave abroad.

More on this subjectApril 13, 2011“Anna” was raped on holiday – now charged with her

On Wednesday revealed TV4 news that the Swedish “Anna” who reported that she had been raped on the Greek island of Samos is now himself being prosecuted in Greece for libel. “Anna” has stated that she was raped and beaten last night on vacation, and when she was examined at a hospital immediately after returning home found the doctor that she had injuries from blunt trauma to the body and also injuries to the abdomen.Right certificate translated and sent to Greece, but Greek prosecutors chose instead to prosecute the “Anna” for libel.

Viewers reacted

Many viewers responded strongly to the news, Jan Tordsson so much that he sent a letter to the Greek embassy where he said that Greece should be ashamed.The response from the Greek COMMERCIAL ATTACHE Vassilios Bakalis surprised him.
“On the contrary, my friend, it’s you who should be ashamed of Swedish women’s behavior, on holiday in all parts of the world and to foreign nationals in their own country”, skew Bakalis.
– I was totally shocked. He  basically cut half the population of Sweden at the ankles. This man’s work of course as I understand the trade relations. That he expresses himself as against such an important group of Swedish tourists, Swedish women is outrageous, “said Jan Tordsson to TV4 news.

Kidding me away

When TV4 reporter calling COMMERCIAL ATTACHE Vassilios Bakalis to question what he means, he replies.
– It is clear English.
What is the kind of behavior you consider the fact that Swedish women have?
– Let me tell a joke. Many years ago in Rhodes, for example, demonstrated a number of Swedish women, who had placards saying: Please sleep with us, we do not have AIDS, “said Vassilios Bakalis.

By Anna Lindström
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