Some Heathen Shrines

Altar to FreyrAltar to Thor and Freyr (a mound of rocks like that is called a "hoegr" and is very common as an altar)

Altar to Odin, Thor and Tyr. David Vasquez Hurtado

Altar to Thor, Freyr and Freya with the oath ring. Grölheim Hovgode

Temple to Freyr and Freya (so far). Ulv Vendelkorp

Altar to Thor. Robert Etter

Altar to Thunor (Anglo - Saxon) . Fred Bower

Altar to Freyr


2 thoughts on “Some Heathen Shrines

  1. Heidanne says:

    Thanks for this post. It was inspiring and wonderful to see all those shrines/altars to the Gods. Have a great Midsommer !

  2. Thank you!
    Midsummer is my birthday so i hope it will be great! 😉
    I found the pictures very inspiring too and got ideas of making a more permanent sacred place to blot.

    Have a great midsummer you too!

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